Anger is a commonly experienced emotion which can range from mild annoyance to rage.

Anger is triggered when a person believes they have been wronged by someone, that something unfair or unjust has happened, or that their well-being and social status are either not being respected or are under threat. No person can make us angry, rather anger is influenced by people’s thoughts, their interpretations of events and their coping skills and available supports.

Although anger is often seen as a harmful emotion, it can be a healthy emotional response when expressed assertively and respectfully. Sometimes anger can be helpful; it can motivate a person to take positive action to change a situation for the better or to achieve his or her goals.

Frequent experiences of anger should not be ignored. Angry outbursts can cause fear, regret and/or work, relationship, and health problems for both oneself and others. When anger prompts someone to use violence, physical injury and even loss of life can occur. Angry people often report regretting their outbursts and wishing they could have expressed themselves in another way.

Our therapist uses a range of techniques and tools in treating this condition.

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